At The Water's Edge: Ka-hau-lani Joins

Ka-hau-lani joins the adventure...

The fight with the devils was devastating. The elf, though young in appearance, was clearly over a century old. He was full of curiosity and wonder like a small child, but still seemed well versed in methodology and investigation. You only knew him a few hours, but he died while fighting with you against extra-planar fiends. His death has shown you what a serious threat this rumored “Blood War” truly is. When you brought his body to the Holy Citadel for cremation, an adept by the name of Deryck Thacker took a lot of interest in your story of the devils. He seemed to understand immediately when you tried to explain the complexities and inhumane puzzle the devils presented. He was also very compassionate in regards to the scholar Chasteen. And, in a gesture that gave you much comfort, he was very sympathetic about the death of Able Truesense, the elf.

You were a bit surprised when Deryck came to you a couple of days later. He explained that arrangements are such that a ritual of Raise Dead will be done for Able Truesense. He explains that the manner of his death among the devils could be crucial to the city’s fight against the encroaching Darkness of Chaos. “It is obvious that the Spirits have more in mind for the elf, as he has been marked for many years.” Deryck smiles politely as he explains. “As you were there at his death, I believe it would be beneficial if you could participate in the ceremony. I would like you to represent Love. Your part is simply, but you must have a compassionate heart full of good will towards Able, the others who aid him, and the people he will aid. “

Deryck goes on to explain that he would like to hold the ritual at a spot about five miles from town near a small lake that is special to the elf. He asks you to meet him and the others tomorrow around dawn.



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