At The Water's Edge: Leofwin Joins

Leofwin Halifax joins the adventure...

A few weeks ago, a large section of the eastern vineyard went foul. The mess has taken all of Morwyn’s time and much of his good humor. Aside from the various business and political issues that he must address, you’ve begun to suspect there is something arcane to the event. Ever since Deryck Thacker asked you to aid him and “others with a similar purpose”, you’ve kept an eye open for something exactly like this. However when you approached Deryck, he has another urgent issue he’d like you to address.

An elf by the name of Able Truesense has been slain. Those who brought his body to the Citadel for cremation insist that he fell fighting devils outside of the city walls. With such an obvious manifestation of the planar rifts, Deryck did some research. The elf was older, perhaps a century. Records indicated that his destiny lie within the element Water and he was blessed with a Spirits’ Mark, yet all his life up until this point has been quite mundane and uneventful. Deryck has decided to perform a Raise Dead ritual on the elf to see if he can aid the cause, in any way.

Deryck has enlisted the aid of those who were present at Able’s death, along with a couple others that will complete the Octogram. He needs you to represent Fire. Your part in the ritual will be straight forward; you must bring your best weaponry, a fierce attitude and a hatred towards those who stand against what you know is right. Once the ritual is complete, he is hopeful that you can connect with the elf to determine if his experiences with Death and Water can provide any clues or assistance in the fight you will all soon be facing as the Blood War continues to manifest.

Deryck also shares with you that he has discovered some old texts that indicate a conjunction of ley lines strongly associated with Water existed nearby. He admits that the timeframe of the references is difficult to ascertain and there are no recent reports of such activity. Nonetheless, he is hopeful this small lake will be conducive to the ritual. He asked you to meet with him and the others early in the morning.



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