At The Water's Edge: Roj Joins

Roj joins the adventure...

“Roj, I congratulate you on your dealings with the Dragonborn!” Caleb Marsh greets him with a tremendous slap on the shoulders. It has become a habit to meet with him at Pauvel’s Grotto every week’s end. You each enjoy a couple of drinks while looking over Pauvel’s mercenary chalkboards and checking out the new set of hopefuls in town. Caleb doesn’t have the eye of a captain of warriors like Roj, but he has an intuitive sense about people that seems to serve him well. Tonight though, he quickly moves from his congratulatory greeting to a dismissive “harrumph” of the gathered toughs to a slightly uncomfortable tension. He has something to share. It’s obviously a bit more than the usual city politics, the trials of the watch or the mundane crimes the two of them often talk about.

He looks up over his ale and grins. “Ah, I see you figured it out. I do have something to talk to you about.” He picks up his mug and drains it. He lounges back into his chair and folds his arms behind his head. “Ok. Here’s the deal. I know you faced a coupl’a people that you called Devils. You figured out their dumb logic puzzle and killed a bunch of their minions. Well, another group of folks apparently found some more of these devils and didn’t do as well.”

He looks a little disapproving at you. Roj believed he didn’t so much as smirk, but Caleb has a knack for seeing inside of people. “Any way…” he draws out, “one of these folks was actually killed by some devil minions. It was an elf by the name of Able Truesense. Nothing too special about this guy, but apparently someone disagrees with my assessment.” Caleb leans forward again. “Look, Roj. I’m a little concerned about this adept by the name of Deryck Thacker. It seems he’s coordinating a Raise Dead ritual for the dead elf. I’m not sure why, but this whole things seems a bit off for me.”

Caleb raises his hand to flag down the wench for another beer. He shrugs. “Look, this adept is looking for folks to help out with a ritual. I think he plans to have it outside of town. I want you to volunteer. Maybe bring a friend to watch your back. I just have a funny feeling and I want to have someone on the inside to notice anything that needs noticing. I’d like to know what gets noticed, if you understand.”

After a bit of discussion, he agrees that Ghaazee, the dragonborn fighter, might be a good to have along. He advised Roj to brag a bit about your recent adventures against the Devils and the Demons who stole the Dragonborn clutch to this adept. Unsurprisingly, Caleb’s advice works perfectly: Deryck Thacker agrees to use both Roj and Ghaazee, in the ritual. Roj agrees to meet with him in the morning.



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