At The Water's Edge: Roj's Report

Report by Roj Hamlin

Caleb Marsh was sitting at his desk when Roj entered his small office. Roj was wearing nice clothing - very nice - and is somewhat self-conscious as he greets his friend.

“Hoy Cal, I’ve got that report that you wanted. And for what it’s worth you were right.” Roj handed a carefully folded piece of parchment to Caleb as he spoke.

Caleb leaned back in his chair, unfolded the parchment, and began to read the report. “Right about what?”

“That Deryck Thacker adept. He wasn’t quite balanced and the ritual…” Roj paused, trying to gauge Caleb’s reaction. ”...went awry. Oh, the ritual was successful, in a way, but it had some unintended consequences. You see, the elements took issue with the unnaturalness of it all and awoke some ancient evil nearby. Some of the weaker folks nearby succumbed to that power and turned against us, including Thacker himself.”

Caleb looked up, “I hear he’d been killed.”

“Didn’t have a choice on that one,” replied Roj. “Somehow, he grew more powerful than the others and would’ve killed us all; I imagine he’d been promised more from the evil than the others. Folks shouldn’t go messing with things like that, if you ask me.”

Caleb nodded, sharing his distaste. “And what of that evil?”

“Right,” said Roj, “we went in and killed it. Well, killed it again, I guess, because it was already dead. That’s how we got the bodies back. Well, the body. The other folks, we managed to save—but I wouldn’t trust them just yet. They’ve been tainted, after all.” Roj looked away, then added, “and anyone who tastes that kind of power will seek it out again.”

“What would you know about that?” Caleb folded the report and tucked it into his desk.

“Not me,” replied Roj, “but I knew a man once who followed that path. A great man.”

“You’ve got some mysteries of your own, Roj.”

Roj nodded. “Anything else I can tell you?”

To that, Caleb grinned and asked why he was all dressed up. “You have a date?”

Roj just smiled at his friend as he walked out the door.



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