At The Water's Edge: TaSyr Joins

TaSyr Mavenor joins the adventure...

It is most unfortunate that the elf, Able Truesense, died during the combat with the devils in the caverns that may once have served as a well. Like many elves, he seemed both young and old at the same time. A quality some find charming; others find it annoying. Nonetheless, he was a decent investigator, a capable combatant, and a citizen of the city. Apparently he was nearly a century in age and had spent much of that time in Solace.

In a responsible manner, you and the others return his body to the city for cremation. The pretty Pelagian, Ka-hau-lani, seems rather insistent in taking the body to the Holy Citadel and dealing with the situation with compassion and concern. Some find this a weakness; she probably sees it as a virtue of her personality. Regardless, an adept by the name of Deryck Thacker meets with you all. He will deal with the elf and shows an interest in your story. Once you’ve covered the facts of the elf’s death, the capture of the crazed Jon Chasteen, and the devils’ puzzle, you return home.

A day or so later, you receive your great aunt, Lady Syrana Mavenor. After serving her white tea and scones, she explains that she has committed your services at the request of an adept from the Holy Citadel. Lady Syrana has always been very spiritual and boastful of you, her namesake. Whatever the circumstances, you now must participate in a Raise Dead ritual. You are to stand for Water. You have been asked to find where you can be malleable and to look for the connections between the Water in his death and the Water in his return to life. It doesn’t take you long to surmise that the ritual must be for Truesense. And so, tomorrow morning you will meet with some others at dawn for the ritual which is to be held about five miles outside of town.



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