Deryck Thacker

expert on extra-planar monstrosities


Description: Deryck, a man in his early forties, has dark brown hair that grows just over his ears. He wears a trim beard and mustache which, like his temples, is peppered with generous streaks of gray. He stands just short of 6 feet tall and has a lean build.
Personality: Deryck has a scholarly attitude towards most things. He is generally straightforward and honest. Sometimes he can seem blunt or rude, as if he has nothing to say he simply keeps his mouth shut. He can be compassionate when needed and he can be provoked to a fiery passion when dealing with the evils that he fights against.
Memorable Trait: He often listens with his head cocked to the side, and switches to the other side when he speaks.

Status: DEAD


Deryck Thacker is an adept associated with the Holy Citadel, but not a member of the leadership there. He often assists in civic rituals and occasionally holds lectures on various religious topics – lately dealing mainly with extra-planar monstrosities.

First encountered in At the Water’s Edge

Deryck Thacker

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