Nature of Game Play

The D&D World: Solace

The basic D&D rules and story elements are built around a set of core assumptions about the world. Here those basic assumptions are modified for the Solace campaign. (Plagiarized directly from Wizards of the Coast Dungeon Master’s Guide page 150)

The Campaign: Solace

The Solace campaign will be a mix between a traditional campaign (with fixed players, fixed characters and an over-arcing storyline) and the RPGA “Living” campaign models (such as Living Greyhawk or Living Forgotten Realms). While there will be interesting long-term stories, play sessions will be episodic with changing players and characters. The feel of the campaign will be a basic medieval fantasy, but some episodes or game sessions may favor different sub-genres like horror, intrigue or mystery. When possible, these special episodes can be tailored to specific characters or players. At times, subject matter may be mature.

The Characters

The city of Solace and its surroundings will grow and change throughout the campaign. A variety of things could have some affect upon a character’s life outside of an adventure, although the effects will generally be minor. Time will pass for characters whether they are played through adventures or not. Things such as living conditions, affiliations and contacts will come into play. All characters must be connected to the city in certain ways. That connection will be determined between the GM and the player prior to the character’s first episode.

The Players

A limited numbers of players will be invited to create characters and play in this campaign. At any time, each player may have up to three active characters in the campaign world. Each character will earn XP separately and only through game play. Characters can be retired at any time, but they then belong to the world and are no longer under the direct control of the player.

The Game Session

Most adventures will be run a single time but when an adventure lends itself to repeat play, many details will be changed so that the overall campaign history does not have discrepancies when players of different versions share their tales. Each adventure will be tailored to a specific level range and invitations to adventures will be offered to players dependent upon such things as character class or race, character level, players’ particular play style and player availability. An adventure invitation will be offered for a limited time. It is very important to commit to the adventure or decline so that other players can then be invited to play as space permits.

Nature of Game Play

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