One Eleven

A recently freed slave, this man has rage issues and a good sense of right and wrong.


Stats: 20, 14, 11, 8, 10, 12

Defenses: 14, 17, 11, 11

HP 29

A greataxe of course! Perhaps an executioner's ax in the future.


Alignment:     Lawful Good
Background:    Mountain Child
Social Status: Impoverished

Sold as a slave while still very young, I grew up in the mountains slaving in the mines and surrounding forest, working hard wherever they put me. My coming of age ritual occurred in the slave pens, run by other prisoners (an old K’mo women tutored me). At this ritual, I received my mark of fate which is visible as black tear drops sprinkled across my back. My ceremony took a much longer time than normal due to interuptions and I was warned to 'always watch out for time'.

This experience gave me a good sense of right and wrong and a strong need to help others in need.

What are you? Honorable
Who are you? Hard Working
How are you to be called? Enforcer
What is your goal? Protector of the Weak
What is your plan? Seek Freedom and Right Wrongs

I usually live outside the city wherever I pitch a tent, find an abandoned shack, or sometimes at an employers home while doing odd jobs. As such, my social status is impoverished but my back is straight and my head is held high with pride.

One Eleven

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