Dealing with Devils

Who: Ghaazee, Kabier, One Eleven, Sorcha, and Roj
XP: 360 each

An odd group of five men show up outside a rickety old cabin north of Rivertown. Sorcha, a small gnome says he has heard rumors of devils and he’s hopeful to earn some bounties. Roj, a stern warrior, and Ghaazee, an axe-wielding dragonborn, both indicate that they are investigating the cabin as a favor to a friend; it’s unclear if each is sent by a different friend or the same one. Kabier is also a dragonborn and he is looking into some matters for the Holy Citadel. The last man is a human who wields a large executioner’s axe and tells the others to call him OneEleven. He says he showed up because some devilish imp told him it might be a good idea.

Upon investigating, the party finds five devils who seem quite powerful. Luckily perhaps for these first-time heroes, the devils are interesting in playing some elaborate game. The young heroes immediately accept the challenge as a successful outcome could get rid of the devils – at least for now. The deal with the devils is fairly straightforward, but the party must venture into dark places, face voracious evils, and research into diabolical areas of study in order to succeed.

But when all is said and done, the heroes prevail and the devils keep their word.

Dealing with Devils

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