Divinity Cross References

Channel Divinity Feats

A group of feats have the prerequisites of having the the Channel Divinity class power and being a worshipper of a specific god. The cosmology of Solace has no gods; most members of the Divine classes revere all the spirits equally but some favor one of the Eight. This requires the following changes:

Solace Feat name PH Feat name Elemental or Spiritual connection required
Armor of the Elemental Spirits Armor of Bahamut Time, Death, All
Brilliant Radiance Pelor’s Radiance Fire, Love, All
Chance Reversal Sehanine’s Reversal Love, Chance, Air
Death’s Blessing Raven Queen’s Blessing Death, Chance, Love
Elemental Acuity Ioun’s Poise Time, Earth, All
Favor of Strength Kord’s Favor Water, Air, All
Grace of Time and Chance Corellon’s Grace Air, Time, Chance
Harmony of the Civil Harmony of Erathus Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Speaker for the Spirits Speaker of the Gods not applicable
Spirits’ Rescue Avandra’s Rescue Time, Water, Love
Stoic Resolve Moradin’s Resolve Earth, Water, All
Tide of Healing Melora’s Tide Water, Love, Chance

Divine Power

This book includes a number of references to specific core D&D dieties. It is currently under review for cross reference to the elemental spirits of Solace.

Divinity Cross References

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