The Dragonborn Clutch

Who: Ghaazee, Kabier (dragonborn paladin), Roj Hamlin (human warlord), and Sorcha
Gold: 75 each
XP: 725 each
  • Favor of Naya, the elder – Sometime in the future, Naya can come to your aid. She is a skilled healer and has some knowledge of rituals. The exact nature of this favor is unknown to you. Granted to Ghaazee, Kabier, Roj and Sorcha
  • Favor of the Office of the Bailiff – For your next adventure, the chance of a small boon granted by your social status increases to 40%. Granted to Roj
  • Favor of the Holy Citadel – For your next adventure, you gain a +2 bonus on all Religion and Heal checks. Granted to Kabier
  • Favor of the Holy Citadel – The exact nature of this favor is unknown to you and will be redeemed at the DM’s discretion. Granted to Ghaazee
  • Favor of the Gnostic Ecclesia – The exact nature of this favor is unknown to you and will be redeemed at the DM’s discretion. Granted to Sorcha

On a bright, sunny day in the Embassy district, the cheerful atmosphere is shattered as the smell of rotten eggs wafts out from the fountain in the center of the plaza. A portal to chaos opens up; demonic creatures pop out randomly and begin to attack anything nearby. It is a lucky day for Solace as four heroic men are on hand and they don’t shirk their responsibilities as heroes. Sorcha (majestic in his rustic charm) keeps the frightened townsfolk calm and the demonic enemies demoralized. Roj, a brave warlord, is an inspiration with his tactical savvy and grim steadfastness. Ghaazee, a dragonborn warrior, engages many enemies so that they threaten no others. Kabier, a holy guard for his people and for the spirits, stands protectively over many, including Hadiya, an elder of the new Walada Qadim. Eventually, the demons are defeated and although many of the brave folk of Solace go down in the combat (including Kabier), only one perishes from her wounds. In the aftermath, the four heroes each receive a voucher from the Watch worth 75 gold coins and overwhelming gratitude from the imposing yet personable leader of the dragonborn, Ahleem ak’Albari. They then spend a few days enjoying their accolades or contemplating and reviewing the events through ritual and ceremony. They also spend a little time each day coordinating their abilities under the leadership of Roj Hamlin. And it is a good thing, as they are all summoned to the dragonborn compound a few days later. The Walada has begun and the first clutch has been laid. A few hours earlier, the Sacred Well was attacked by demons and all ten eggs were taken. The few details that are known are very similar to the attack at the plaza a few days prior. ak’Albari believes that the heroes may be able to find out what has occurred and return the dragonborn clutch. Sorcha tries to bring up the possibility that the eggs may already be destroyed, given the destructive nature of demons. The leader of the dragonborn smiles broadly, “I’m no fool, young gnome, and I appreciate your candidness.” Then he looks each hero squarely in the eye, “But more importantly, I believe in you.”

Kabier leads them all to the Sacred Well. Inside two elders of the Walada Qadim wait to answer questions and help in any way they can. There are few clues, but Roj spies most of them – a muddy blue scrape on the floor, the blue-black sandy dirt soiling the draperies, the puddles of water, and the melting ooze about the well. Interpreting all the clues is a bit harder, but eventually the heroes believe they have a decent idea of where the demons may be. Upon arrival at the empty manor, the odor of rotten eggs can be discerned. Roj favors a direct and immediate frontal assault. Ghaazee tries to be a bit more cautious, planning for the greatest success. Eventually, all agree on a plan of sorts and put it into action.

Demons cavort in the old gardens of this abandoned manor. Rushing in, the party wipes them out quickly enough but not soon enough to stop one demon from cracking open and feasting on one of the dragonborn eggs. The other nine are nowhere to be found. After a short rest, Sorcha spots an opening behind the waterfall and every one moves in. Inside what was once an elaborate bath for manor’s residents, eight more eggs are piled up near a very wide set of doors at the far end of the room. A number of demons are also on hand, but again the heroes dispatch them in short order. All of the eggs here are intact and Kabier carefully packs them up as every one else prepares to move into the area beyond the wide double doors which have a fine coating of foul smelling ooze. The door opens easily enough and a mass of demons come crawling forward. These demons are barely anything more than blobs of foul colored flesh with nothing but arms and hands protruding from all directions. The last egg is also in this room near a rift of pulsing tendrils and a large demon with outsized hands ready to smash anything that comes near. The dragonborn both rush in and breathe their fire onto the demonic grabbers eliminating a large part of the threat. Although a few slingers are hidden in the corners of the room, every one focuses fire on the demonic Fist and bring him down quickly. After the demons are defeated, Sorcha works to temporarily neutralize the rift, even though the tendrils reach out and cause pain to those standing near. The last egg is recovered, but it also is broken. Only eight of the clutch survived but it better than many had hoped for. Ahleem ak’Albari and the dragonborn reward the heroes with treasures originally brought from their red sand desert homeland.

Through a friend of a friend, Sorcha quietly informs the Gnostic Ecclesia of the rift that had been discovered behind the waterfall. Roj spends a little time and money to grease the wheels of bureaucracy so that the rift can be closed quickly and both Kabier and Ghaazee work with the Holy Citadel to help in the rituals needed to close it.

All is safe and quiet in the Embassy District again. At least for now.

The Dragonborn Clutch

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